A company defines itself essentially through its philosophy, since this is the foundation of of every daily work and therefore an important element of customer satisfaction and economical success.

Who we are ……

As a traditional, mid-sized company, we are proud to be independent and autonomously family-owned. We are future-oriented, consequently investing in new technologies and rising to eco-political challenges. We set great value upon the preservation of the location, the jobs and the existences involved.

How we see ourselves ……

We are part of the society and therefore liable to a substantial corporate social responsibility. For a good cooperation we view all conversational partners – customers and colleagues –as what they are: Human Beings. You will feel a respectful cooperation and a lived benevolence in every contact with our employees.

What we have to offer ……

ou will be convinced with the professional competence, reliability and kindness of our responsible employees. Quality, service and adherence to delivery dates are not only words, they are a fundamental commitment towards our customers. To fulfill your individual needs , we offer our long-term experience and competence, combined with a very high vertical range of manufacture. One of our most outstanding qualities is our flexibility, implementing short decision-making processes to meet all of your requirements.

How we measure success ……

Your reliance and your satisfaction are not a matter of course, we want to deserve them every day. Only a partner-like and long-term cooperation is a successful cooperation for us.


HSE (Health-, Safety and Environment) – guideline

Guideline for health, safety at work and environmental protection (HSE)

DREITURM as a major contract manufacturer of non-sterile pharmaceuticals in liquid and semisolid dosage form, medical devices – according to Medical Devices Act (= MPG Germany), Full-Service vendor of cosmetics, cleaning- and caring products as well as chemical-technical products is perfectly combining economical success with social responsibility and the protection of the environment.

Based on the HSE-guideline, the management of DREITURM commit themselves to the following principles:

• We integrate HSE in all our activities, continuously endeavouring to improvements. Hereby we raise the bar, always looking for customized HSE-solutions.

• We are convinced that “everybody counts” – Everybody working for DREITURM contributes to implementing this guideline by acting dedicated and cautiously.

• We are going to adapt our activities to our social responsibility, especially for our employees, neighbours and towards the public.

• We are aware of our responsibility for the protection of the environment.

• With respect to all our activities, we commit ourselves to strict observance of all legislation, rules and regulations.

This extends to: Economical issues in no way whatsoever take precedence over the maintenance of industrial health and safety standards or environmentalism. Nothing is that urgent or important that DREITURM would ever disregard the HSE-guidelines.

Code of Conduct